Message from the President

Yuichi HORI

(Toho University Omori Medical Center)

 I am pleased to announce that I have been appointed President of the Japan Contact Lens Society (JCLS). The JCLS was established in 1958 and has a history of more than 60 years since Dr. Tsutomu Sato (Juntendo University) was appointed as the first President. Currently, there are more than 1,000 members, and many people involved with contact lenses, not just ophthalmologists, are members of the society. We would like to continue to contribute to the development of the society.
 More than 15 million people in Japan wear contact lenses. Many people use contact lenses safely and comfortably, but there are many people with CLD (Contact Lens Discomfort), who cannot wear contact lenses for long periods of time due to the discomfort caused by wearing them, or who have given up wearing them. In addition, there are still patients who are left with residual effects of sight loss due to infections caused by incorrect contact lens wear (contact lens-related corneal infections). The JCLS is committed to promoting the safe and appropriate use of contact lenses among the public, not only through its academic activities but also through the development of guidelines and various awareness-raising activities.
 Contact lenses now not only correct myopia and hyperopia, but also astigmatism (toric lenses) and presbyopia (multifocal lenses). In addition, special contact lenses for high corneal astigmatism such as keratoconus, orthokeratology lenses that correct myopia when worn at bedtime, and contact lens-type continuous intraocular pressure measuring devices are now on the market, and new contact lenses are being developed all over the world. The JCLS would like to actively promote research on contact lenses in these new areas.
 We intend to devote ourselves to the further evolution and development of contact lenses and to deliver excellent contact lens care to the public. In addition, as an academic society, we would like to make efforts to further develop the academic side of the society, as well as to promote exchanges between international researchers and to disseminate the results of Japanese contact lens research to the rest of the world. I would like to thank all the members of the society, all those involved in contact lenses and the public for your support.